NEEM Scheme – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to register as a NEEM facilitator?
The applicant shall submit the application for applying under NEEM Scheme on the AICTE portal by logging in to AICTE Portal with the generated username and password.

2. What is the registration fee for registering as a NEEM facilitator?
The processing fee for NEEM facilitator to be paid is Rs.50,000. In addition, a fee of Rs.5,000 is to be paid during registration.

3. What is the prescribed age group of trainees to be enrolled under NEEM Scheme?
A trainee shall be at least 16 years of age and not more than 40 years of age at the time of registration.

4. List down designated trades and industries under NEEM Scheme.
The list of courses offered for the purpose of training under NEEM Scheme are available at:Click here

5. Who will provide the training under NEEM?
NEEM training shall be provided by a registered Company/Industry registered with the NEEM facilitator.

6. Is the approved NEEM facilitator eligible for any grant?
No grant will be provided to the NEEM facilitator.

7. Are the trainees eligible to receive any stipend?
The NEEM trainees shall receive a remuneration/stipend payable by the NEEM facilitator. This shall be on par with the prescribed minimum wages for unskilled workers.

8. Will the trainees receive a certificate after completion of training?
The council issues a system generated certificate following the completion of training and can be downloaded from the AICTE Portal.

9. What is the maximum capacity to train students in registered companies/industries for the purpose of providing training under NEEM?
The training capacity per year for a registered company/industry is available at Clause 3.3 of NEEM Regulation, 2017 (1st Amendment). The NEEM facilitators are advised to not exceed the prescribed limit.

10. Will the NEEM Scheme and the exemptions under NEEM Scheme fall under the PF and ESI Act?
AICTE has suggested to the PF Commissioner to exempt PF and ESI to NEEM trainees at par with Apprenticeship Act. The decision which lies with the office of the Commissioner will be updated when received.