Everything You Need To Know About National Employability Enhancement Scheme (NEEM)

NEEM Scheme or the National Employability Enhancement Scheme as it is otherwise called is a joint initiative taken by the Government of India and All India Council for Technical Education ( AICTE). The scheme was pioneered with an aim to address the shortage of skilled labour in India by producing skilled labours. Trainees have the opportunity to learn the latest skills and also stand a chance to be hired by the industry. It is also a added advantage for the industries since it has the option of absorbing the skilled labour by hiring them full time or letting them go.


The scheme clearly aimed at providing the under-skilled youth the much needed exposure and training to acquire the finest skills without any cost. One can easily apply for the NEEM scheme by submitting an application on the AICTE-Portal by logging in to the AICTE Portal with the generated username and password.